Invest in a child today!

We rely entirely on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover our costs for books, librarian staffing, rent and other operating costs.  Every single contribution matters and makes a difference.

Here’s what your donation will do

Buy Books For Kids: Your donation buys quality Arabic children’s books that will go on our library shelves to be treasured and enjoyed by hundreds of children.

Everything else … for today and for tomorrow:

  • Today: Larger donations help us cover our current operation expenses (salaries, rent, utilities, and supplies).
  • Tomorrow: We urgently need to expand our library space. Your generous donation will help us reach our goal of expanding the library space and services it offers the children of the Fez Medina.

Thank you for helping to make this happen!

Help us welcome every child who wants to read

We are open every day of the week from 10am to 7pm and average over 1200 visits to our little library each month!

Our tiny library space can only accommodate a small number of kids at one time but our skilled librarians do their best to allow as many children into the library as possible and still maintain a good environment where a child can get lost in their book.

We partner with local schools, inviting small classes to visit with their teachers. The schools do not have libraries or books for the kids in the classrooms. Teachers and children alike are thrilled to discover our shelves stocked with wonderful story books, as well as fascinating books on science and nature and other reference books. 

For many of the children who come with their classroom this is their first exposure to a library, ever. 

Our ongoing goal is to support the schools and offer more reading opportunities to the children. And of course, in this way we are also able to raise MCL awareness among the kids and their families. Many children begin to visit the library on their own after first coming with their classrooms.

The need here is so great! We need more books and a larger space to be able to offer a variety reading and literacy services to the community. Will you help us with a donation today?

How we use your donation

We’re committed to transparency. 100% of your donation goes to the purchase of books and our operating expenses. Look at how far even a small donation will go towards helping us keep the library thriving:

  • Librarian Salaries: 4500 DH (equivalent $490/€400 per month)
  • Monthly rent: 1300 DH (equivalent $140/€115 per month)
  • Utilities: 360 DH (equivalent $38/€32 per month)

Your donation REALLY matters! Thank you for giving!

Planning a visit to Fez?

Are you or someone you know coming to Fez? How about packing an Arabic children’s book or two into your suitcase to give as a gift to the Medina Children’s Library?

The library is in the heart of the Medina and during your visit to Fez you’ll probably be walking right by it! Come visit us and bring us your gift in person. See the library and meet librarian and the kids and enjoy a glimpse into every day life in the Medina. A great way to add a rich and unique experience of the people and culture of Morocco to your time in Fez.

In the Fez Medina but a visit to the library doesn’t fit your itinerary? No problem! You can drop off your book donation at any of the following locations (Please be sure to include your name, contact information and a brief note about how you heard about us.)

Shipping books to Fez

Federal Express and UPS are generally reliable options for shipping items to Morocco from the United States and Europe. However, shipping books can be expensive.

We’d like to gently encourage you to consider making a donation towards books and let us buy them on your behalf. We are able to make larger orders of books at discounted prices and shipping rates with our select publishers. So we can do more with your book donation and get more books into the hands of the children.

Your desire to support the library is truly appreciated.