Who can use the library?

Any child 14 and under. It’s free. They just sign in at the door.


Do I need a membership card?

Membership card lets your child borrow books to read at home. One book per week. There is a fee if books are returned late.


How do I get a membership card for my child?

Here is the application form and information we need.


Do you offer classes, my child is having trouble with French?

Reading more can help your child do better in all his classes. A child who reads well can learn anything. Reading also helps improve grammar, vocabulary, and learn about the world.


What does the library do?

The library has books in Arabic, French and English for toddlers until advanced readers. We offer story-reading everyday. Sometimes we also do art projects.



The library belongs to the community. It depends on volunteers and donations.

We are looking for people to help as story readers, assist in the library, and donate so that we can continue to offer a free library and create a larger library.

We also count on your feedback and suggestions.

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